What is gold trading

What is gold trading

Motivated by sentiment, the international gold price once soared. On the day of the referendum, it soared by more than $What is gold trading100 to a 27-month high of $1362.6. Since June, the international gold price has risen all the way from US$1,206. As of the early morning of the 27th, international spot gold was reported to US$1,335, an increase of more than 10% in the month.

Mid-term researcher Li Ning previously stated that the U.S. economy has performed well, with the unemployment rate hitting a record low in more than seven years, the number of job vacancies hitting a record high, the ISM manufacturing index hitting a 5-month high in June, and the service industry index also being better than expected. The Fed’s interest rate hike is regarded as the sword of Damocles hanging over the gold market; the second is the lack of cooperation in funding. Although the SPDR increased its positions in late June, its current holdings of 709.65 tons of gold are still It was a low level during the year. In addition, COMEX gold futures non-commercial net longs hit a three-month low, and COMEX silver futures non-commercial net longs hit a seven-month low, showing that investment funds dominated by hedge funds are not optimistic. Precious metals market outlook.

Either e-commerce, or no business, Jack Ma’s famous saying has been accepted by more and more companies. The 35 billion transactions on Double Eleven once again proved the revolutionary power that e-commerce can bring. A brand-new commercial civilization has prompted gold and other representative companies that can be regarded as the leader in traditional industries to contact the Internet. Gold is a typical representative.

It is worth noting that in previous years, after the Golden Week, there was a peak period for consumer complaints about gold and jewelry products. The Department of Market Operations of the Provincial Department of Commerce reminds consumers that they should not be greedy for cheap gold and jewelry, and that the quality of the products will be more assured if they are purchased by regular merchants. Moreover, in the event of a consumption dispute, rights protection will be more convenient. In addition, when buying gold and jewellery products, you must keep a formal invoice to facilitate rights protection.

NetEase Precious Metals analyst Zhou Yupeng believes that as the U.S. dollar appreciates and the renminbi depreciates, the price of gold has also been suppressed downward, but we still cannot ignore the safe-haven and anti-inflation properties of gold itself. At present, events such as the US election, the Italian referendum and the Brexit negotiations are getting closer. In the future, there may also be predictable risk events such as the second independence referendum in Scotland, the withdrawal of other countries, and the Korean Peninsula in the Middle East. At that time, gold's hedging properties Will stimulate, the future of gold prices is still promising. In the long run, the currency has generally been depreciating, and the value of gold will become more and more prominent. After all, the stock of gold is limited. Now the price of gold is suppressed by the US dollar and is in a relative position. good time.

Data released by the data processing company ADP on Wednesday (December 3) showed that the ADP employment report, known as small non-farmers, showed that the ADP employment population increased by 208,000 in November, which was less than the expected 222,000 and the previous value of 23What is gold trading0,000 (but data More than 200,000 people again, showing that the country’s job market performance is still on the best track in 15 years).

This year, Valentine’s Day and Lantern Festival are on the same day. The Western Valentine’s Day and the traditional reunion festival are combined, and businesses are naturally more vigorous to attract consumers. A discount of 20 yuan per gram for Valentine’s Day gold Yesterday, the reporter learned from several jewelry counters in Hangzhou that in order to welcome the arrival of Valentine’s Day, they have prepared enough supplies and staff. They have also worked hard on the price. Gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, inlaid jewelry, silver jewelry, etc., all have discounts, and some counters also launched customized ring pairs for Valentine's Day. Most counters offer a discount of 20 yuan per gram for gold and platinum jewelry. Ms. Zhang, the salesperson of Ming Brand Jewelry, told reporters that their activities are still quite large, with gold jewelry discounts of 20 yuan/gram, platinum discounts of 30 yuan/gram, inlaid, silver jewelry and 7.8% off. Ms. Zhang also revealed that in order to welcome this double festival, they have also prepared enough staff. Recently, the price of gold has been at a relatively low level and has fallen, and with a discount of 20 yuan per gram, it is basically less than 300 yuan per gram. When the price of gold falls, there will be more customers. Coupled with the influence of festivals, it is definitely necessary to increase manpower. There are also discounts of 20 yuan per gram for yellow and platinum jewelry in gold, and 100 yuan off for gold inlaid jade, K gold, and inlaid jewelry for over 800 yuan. The staff told reporters that the intensity of this activity is quite large. In the past few days, many consumers have bought various accessories, and they are all preparing for Valentine's Day. We have been busy in the morning until now, and we have hardly stopped. Most of them are bought by men for women, some are bought by one person, and some are bought with a girlfriend or wife. Gold is more popular than inlaid jewelry. Which jewelry is more popular this Valentine's Day this year? Gold sales staff said: Various types of jewelry are selling well, because it is Valentine's Day, so many people buy pair rings. There are not many people who really buy gold roses. Most people still buy accessories that can be worn when choosing gifts. Therefore, we will give the golden rose as a gift this time, and give a thousand pure golden rose to the customer who has the highest single purchase during the Valentine's Day event. In previous years, on Valentine’s Day and other festivals, platinum and diamonds have always been popular with customers, because many young people prefer platinum jewelry, but this year there are more customers buying gold jewelry than platinum and inlaid jewelry. The impact of the hot gold market last year. Miss Zhang of famous brand jewelry told reporters: Nowadays, people are very fashionable. Older people like more heavy and more expensive items. For example, choose relatively large items such as bracelets and necklaces. There are many people who choose pendants or matching rings. There are many people who choose gold pendants. For rings and necklaces, they still choose color gold and platinum. In previous years, Valentine's Day activities at various jewelry counters were more held in stores. For example, if a couple kissed in the store, they could get a rose. This year, many merchants have launched activities on the Internet, interacting on official flagship stores on the Internet or on official Weibo and WeChat. For example, Hangzhou International Jewelry City, on Valentine's Day, you can get a gift by swiping WeChat shopping. Yuewang Jewelry is hosting an online activity for couples’ items. You can get a piece of jewelry if you expose a gift on a specific floor. Chow Sang Sang launched the game “Encounter Love Tree Planting Love” in his official flagship store. Game points can be exchanged for coupons and discounts can be enjoyed when shopping, attracting many young couples to participate. Our reporter Chu Ruiya media_span_url('news.xinhuanet/fortune/2014-02/13/c_119320485.htm') Click to enter [Share Friends Association] to participate in the discussion